The Flash: Former Firestorm Actor Robbie Amell Open to Return

With six seasons under its belt, The CW's The Flash has seen quite a few characters come and go, but few departures were quite as heartbreaking as that of Ronnie Raymond. Played by Upload star Robbie Amell, Ronnie was believed dead after the series-starting particle accelerator disaster by his friends and his girlfriend Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) only for it to be revealed that he had merged in the firestorm matrix along with Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) to create the hero Firestorm. Ronnie's return, however, was short-lived with Ronnie sacrificing himself to save Central City all the way back during the Season 2 premiere. However, despite it being years since his last appearance, Amell says he's open to returning to the Arrowverse if the opportunity were to present itself.

"I owe so much to Greg Berlanti and the Arrowverse, I had so much fun playing the character," Amell said in an interview with CBR.

Amell also noted that he is proud of his cousin, Arrow star Stephen Amell who ended his own time with the Arrowverse earlier this year when Arrow ended after eight seasons.

"I'm super proud of my cousin, I think he did something amazing," Amell said. "I know he misses it but, at the same time, but it was probably the right time to go; you always want to go out on top."

Amell has since gone on to star in Amazon's Upload where he plays Nathan, a computer programmer who, after an accident, is "uploaded" into a digital afterlife though his accident may not have been an accident at all. That series has been renewed for a second season but Amell still stays in contact with people from his time in the Arrowverse and said he'd love to go back as long as it's in a meaningful way.


"I would love to go back, whenever it works, but there's great people and supporting characters on The Flash; I never want to be the guy who comes in for a couple episodes and steals time away from other people who are deserving of it," Amell said. "I'm still very much in touch with the people who are in charge and Danielle and I talk on a regular basis. I would love to go back but who knows when and how, it would have to make sense for everybody."

The Flash is expected to return with new episodes in January of 2021.