'The Middle' Spinoff Officially Shooting a Pilot, Eden Sher Confirms

Eden Sher has confirmed that a pilot is being shot for a potential spinoff of her recently ended sitcom The Middle.

TV Line spoke with the actress at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, where she shared the news.

"We are shooting a pilot," Sher exclaimed. "I hope it gets picked up. I think it’s going to be great."

The Middle aired its series finale in May, with the show ended by letting fans see that Sher's character Sue Heck would eventually go on to marry her neighbor Sean (but only after many years of being on-and-off).

The new series would reportedly pick up somewhere after Sue finishes college but before she marries Sean. It would be "Sue being Sue as a young adult," Sher stated.

TV Line notes that, while the show is not a certainty yet, it could potentially take over ABC's 8 PM time-slot on Tuesdays, following the completion of the 10-episode run of Roseanne revival spinoff The Conners.

At this time, there is also no confirmation if any other The Middle actors would appear as regulars in the Sue-focused spinoff, but it does seem likely that there would be opportunities for cameos.

In a 2017 interview, prior to The Middle ending, Sher opened up to Vulture about her feelings on it and how she's always been excited to meet people who the show made a positive impact on.

"I was just talking with this woman and her two daughters when they came to visit our set, and it reminded me on a personal level how much I’ve grown up on this show," Sher said. "I started when I was 17, and now I’m 25 and a grown a— women. I’ve had my formative years at this place."

"When I started the show, I had no dogs. Now I have two dogs. So I met these two girls who were in high school, and they had been watching the show since they were 9," she added. "That’s a crazy thing, to potentially have an impact on other people’s formative years. It’s cool!"

Interestingly, at the time, Sher also spoke about what she thought might be in-store for Sue, saying that she was "slowly coming to the realization that we’re coming to the end."


"I want to be on the same page as the writers about Sue’s ending, and we definitely are. My shower and pooping thoughts are that I know for a fact that she wouldn’t stay in Indiana," Sher said, half-jokingly. "Maybe she’d come back, but I don’t think so. She’d move to a metropolitan area — not New York City, but Madison or something similar. She’d get a cool, fun job. She’s in hotel management, so I see her running a little bed and breakfast. A bed and breakfast for preschoolers!"

While the entire series is not currently streaming, fans can watch a handful of The Middle season nine episodes on Hulu.