The OA Fans Troll Netflix, Plan Mass Cancellation

Earlier this month, Netflix cancelled sci-fi/drama series The OA after just two seasons. The move [...]

Earlier this month, Netflix cancelled sci-fi/drama series The OA after just two seasons. The move quickly prompted outrage from the series' cult following, though some of that rage found its way into a clever theory that the cancellation was a ruse and part of a larger meta-market campaign for the show's third season. That theory, however, is just a theory. The OA is well and truly cancelled so now fans of the Brit Marling series are trolling Netflix -- and planning a mass cancellation of their own.

On Monday, Netflix shared on social media about their "Coming Soon" feature, specifically that there are three new categories within the application: "Brand New," "Coming This Week," and "Coming Next Week." The feature also allows fans to set up reminders letting them know when shows or movies they're interested in watching are available. It's a pretty cool feature for Netflix users, but for fans of The OA, the post made for a perfect place to target their demands that the streaming giant change course and bring back the series while also calling for fans to cancel their subscriptions over the perception that Netflix brutally cancels original programming at a higher rate than, say, network television.

Yes, perception. According to a report by Bloomberg, Netflix' cancellation rate for series prior to a fourth season is actually pretty average though it seems a bit more substantial when one takes into consideration that Netflix generally puts out more original series at a time and often cuts several at the same time making it look like more of a bloodbath than it actually is.

Of course, that data isn't going to soothe fans of The OA, as a quick glance at the comments on the post will tell you. Not only are fans upset, they're calling for a mass cancellation on September 10th. "They can't keep cancelling the shows we love and expect us to stay subscribed," one graphic about the "event" noted. "End the abusive cycle Netflix has us in!" The graphic cites a number of beloved shows Netflix has cancelled recently, including Sense8, Santa Clarita Diet, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and One Day At A Time.

Both seasons of The OA are currently available to stream on Netflix.