The Office Fan Makes Dunder-Mifflin Office Entirely out of LEGO Pieces

Thanks to the availability to binge The Office in its entirety, the hit NBC has since become a pop culture icon, even years after the show ended its run on NBC. By now, it's gotten the major Hollywood merchandise treatment — ample prints of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton floorplan are available and the show continually has new toys released through Funko. By now, few fictional places of business are more noticeable than the offices of Dunder-Mifflin.

LEGO hasn't jumped on The Office gravy train just quite yet, leading one fan to construct a Dunder-Mifflin Scranton office entirely out of LEGO pieces on their own. Redditor u/Fanofthebrix made an incredibly accurate diorama of the set fans instantly recognize, complete with LEGO minifigures of the vast majority of The Office cast. It's almost the perfect recreation of the setpiece, even though the LEGO fiend went the length to include a Toby Flenderson minifig, which admittedly takes a few points off the overall presentation. See the epic LEGO build below.

Finally finished!!!! The Office LEGO!! With all the minifigures in place this time around. Super proud of this, happy to be done because I get to see it finished but also sad to be done building. Gonna go through and touch things up to make it better if I can but I think it pretty much good to go. from r/DunderMifflin

Nine seasons after it launched, NBC wrapped things up with a fitting finale. With Peacock — NBC's foray into the world of stream — on the horizon, the network has had internal discussions on how to bring a version of the show back. Despite being something the network wants to do, The Office creator Greg Daniels previously admitted he'd be afraid of disappointing fans of the original show should a reboot flop.

"It was such a perfect thing that I would hesitate to open it up," the writer said. "We got the chance to end it the way we wanted to end it. It wasn't like we were interrupted in the middle of a run or something. So in a sense it's completely an artistic whole. But, that said, I don't know, the cast every now and then talks about getting back together in some form, but I don't see it being a reboot like the way Will & Grace was rebooted."

"My biggest concern would be disappointing the fans. People will watch the entire series and then roll right into watching it again, and to me that means we ended it properly."


All nine seasons of The Office are currently streaming on Netflix. What's your favorite moment from the hit NBC show? Think it over and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!