The Star Chamber TV Series In The Works

Amazon Studios is developing a new take on a 1980s Michael Douglas film The Star Chamber, but while much of the subject matter will be the same, the project is getting a change to its main lead. The new project is being developed by Sheldon Turner and Jennifer Klein's Vendetta Productions and Fox 21 Television Studios and will be written by Turner as well. Turner and Klein will also executive produce, though they will be working alongside Ileen Maisel, who helped develop the original film, as part of her first-look deal with Fox 21. No word yet on a possible release date yet, though we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

In the original film, Douglas played Judge Steve Hardin, who finds himself attempting to truly get justice where the legal system could not, though in the new project the main character will be a female federal appellate court judge. She is based out of San Francisco and will gather and eventually lead a group of judges that essentially decide to become vigilantes.

Their goal is to right the wrongs of the broken legal system, though the main character will still try to keep her job, keep her family together, and honor her law obligations. Think Daredevil but on a grander scale.

It's a great premise for a series, as this team of judges is essentially in one of the best positions within the legal system to not only get find targets but also get information. We're not sure how dark the series will be, but it can certainly go there if it so chooses.

The original film released in 1983, and was written by Roderick Taylor and Peter Hyams, with Hyams directing as well. You can find the official description for The Star Chamber below.

"Fed up with watching vicious criminals walk on technicalities and loopholes, judge Michael Douglas accepts his older colleague Hal Holbrook's invitation to join "The Star Chamber." This sub-rosa organization consists of nine like-minded judges who endeavor to take the law into their own hands."


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(via Deadline)