The Walking Dead Preview Special 2021 to Air Ahead of New Season 10 Episodes

Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick hosts an all-new Preview Special when The Walking Dead returns with [...]

Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick hosts an all-new Preview Special when The Walking Dead returns with new episodes in February 2021. The Walking Dead Preview Special, announced by Hardwick during the first-ever The Walking Dead Holiday Special now streaming on AMC+, brings together the zombie drama's cast and crew for a peek at the new extended season 10 episodes airing between February 28 and April 4 on AMC. The virtual edition of Talking Dead will air on AMC and cover all six episodes of season 10C, taking place in the aftermath of the Whisperer War that came to a bloody end in October's "A Certain Doom."

The Walking Dead Preview Special is projected to air Sunday, February 21, one week before the six-episode season premieres with "Home Sweet Home" on February 28.

One week before the October 4 premiere of the long-delayed "A Certain Doom" in October, the network aired The Walking Dead Universe Preview Special encompassing all three shows with guests from spin-offs Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

"I'm really excited about so much in these episodes. They're these really focused stories, each one, so you really get to dive into people in a fun way, I think," executive producer and showrunner Angela Kang said about the extended season 10 during The Walking Dead Holiday Special. "We get to do a whole little arc with Daryl and Carol that I think is really fun, we get to see that group that got caught by some folks in some white trooper armor. So that's Ezekiel, Eugene, Yumiko, and Princess, so we're going to find out a little more about what's going on there."

The episodes will reveal never-before-seen characters with guest stars Robert Patrick (Mays), Okea Eme-Akwari (Elijah), and Hilarie Burton Morgan (Lucille).

"I'm really excited to share an episode that's got Gabriel and Aaron with Robert Patrick as the guest star, and for people who know that actor, he's amazing. I've been a fan of him forever and ever and ever, so he's amazing in the episode as well as our actors are amazing," Kang said. "We'll find out about what Maggie's been up to a little bit, there's a lot of story to unpack there. And there's obviously that Maggie-Negan story that we're gonna be seeing."

The extended season 10 of The Walking Dead ends with "Here's Negan," a prequel teaming real-life married couple the Morgans when it reveals Negan's untold origin story.

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