The Walking Dead: World Beyond Star Says Kublek Knows Rick Grimes

As lieutenant colonel of the Civic Republic Military, Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) kept many secrets — and might even know the whereabouts of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). According to Ormond, who played the pragmatic CRM commander on both seasons of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Kublek potentially crossed paths with Rick in the years he's been missing from The Walking Dead. After disappearing with Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) aboard a CRM helicopter six years earlier, Season 2 of the spinoff confirms the copter transports Rick to the CRM base: Kublek's home at the Civic Republic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Asked if Kublek has met Rick, Ormond told TVInsider, "My answer to that… it's not come from creative higher-ups, no spoiler blurting, this is my own imaginings! As I see it, as the character, I thought, oh my God, it'd be kind of genius if they played it this way: I think she has come across him, but I don't think he's registered in the way that he probably should have." 

"I think it would be great storytelling if Elizabeth encounters him, moving forward," Ormond said. "I feel as if at some point, she should encounter him, but I like this idea that in the mess and the obnoxious pragmatism of what they're doing, he has encountered her, but she is unaware of who he is."

The series finale of World Beyond ends with Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes branding her superior a "traitor" and wielding an arrest warrant signed by the shadowy Major General Beale. Jadis orders Kublek remanded to the CR's Health and Welfare Complex, where she will be kept prisoner until trial under Article 94 of the Uniform Code of Civic Republic Military Justice. 

World Beyond co-creators Scott Gimple and Matt Negrete have hinted at the returns of Jadis and other characters elsewhere in the expanding Walking Dead Universe. Will we see Kublek again? 

"I don't know! I think that's part of their dexterity as storytellers," Ormond told TVInsider. "It would be perfectly valid to leave her in jail — to say, 'That's it for Elizabeth' — and it would be perfectly valid to bring her back. I would love for Elizabeth to continue. I entertained this fantasy where it was going to be revealed that she was the head of the resistance all along, but nope. She just ends up in jail! [Laughs] I don't think I'm going to have my fantasy version."

Rick returns in the Walking Dead Movie in development from AMC Studios and Skybound Entertainment. 

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