Titans Season 3 Teaser Sets Up Blackfire's Debut

Titans Season 3 is setting up Backfire’s debut on HBO Max. One of the most interesting elements [...]

Titans Season 3 is setting up Backfire's debut on HBO Max. One of the most interesting elements of Season 2 was how the cast of characters expanded outward. This salvo of episodes will see Starfire's family remain a focal point for not only her but the entire team. Damaris Lewis is the woman that everyone's waiting on in Season 3, and she's made an impression on all of the fans already. Koriand'r has had quite the journey throughout the show and it looks like the focus might be back on her in these new episodes. It might be a welcome break from murderers stalking the team and demon daddy problems. But, things never stay too normal for very long with the Titans. Fans have had to wait a minute for any new information. Now, it looks like the floodgates are primed to open, and that's good news for everyone.

The Titans account made sure to credit the designers and artists who worked on the piece, "Designed by LJ Shannon, Concept Art by Gina DeDomenico @illustratedbygina @ljsupersuits @hbomax @damarislewis #blackfire"

ComicBook had a conversation with Damaris Lewis recently. The Blackfire actress for the DC Universe series spoke about her big debut on the new episodes of Titans.

"I get to play someone who doesn't fit in. And I say that because, especially looking at the world right now, I think a lot of people are waking up to the fact that they don't necessarily fit in," Lewis told us. "And I always say legends don't fit in, good and bad, legends never fit in. Anybody whose name you know, you know because they don't fit in. So playing someone who — even though it wasn't the nicest decision, obviously — playing someone who recognized that she didn't fit in and recognized that she wouldn't be comfortable with the way things were, was really appealing to me and an honor to be able to portray that with empathy and really getting down to the root of the kind of beauty of being different and just being honored to play someone who's just so different."

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