John Barrowman Shares 'Torchwood' Reunion

Captain Jack Harkness just had a reunion with some of his closest crewmates.

At a recent Wizard World event, John Barrowman reunited with some of his Torchwood co-stars.

Barrowman shared a photo of himself with Naoko Mori, who played Toshiko Sato on Torchwood, Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto Jones, and James Marsters, who guest starred as Captain John Hart. Take a look below.

Torchwood John Barrowman

“Some of the Torchwood gang back together... we are gonna pick the others up along the way,” Barrowman wrote. “You know it’s fucking mayhem when we are all together. #TorchwoodYeah"

Mori shared her own photo from the reunion on Twitter:

Torchwood Naoko Mori

She tweeted a poem about the photo:

Three men and a little lady.
Two captains and a coffee boy.
One mini #Torchwood family reunion

Torchwood was a spinoff of Doctor Who that launched in 2006 and took a darker and more mature tone than its parent show, frequently dealing with adult themes of mortality and sexuality. The spinoff was inspired by John Barrowman's immortal Captain Jack Harkness, a fan-favorite supporting character during Russell T. Davies' early seasons of Doctor Who.

Torchwood ran for four seasons on television. The final season was co-production of the BBC and Starz.

For those hoping for more Torchwood, Big Finish produced and a released a fifth season of Torchwood in the audio drama format. The season, titled Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, saw Jack and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) restarting Torchwood in Cardiff.

"[Creator Russell T. Davies]’s been wonderfully involved in the continuation of Torchwood,” James Goss, producer of Torchwood Season 5, said in a statement when Aliens Among Us was announced. “We came up with some characters and ideas and he very kindly, very politely said 'Marvellous, but no. Howabout...?'. And that's what lead to Jack and Gwen being joined by Mr. Colchester (Paul Clayton), Ng (Alexandria Riley), Tyler (Jonny Green) and the enigmatic Orr (Sam Béart). Who are they? What part do they have to play in the future of Torchwood? And can they save Cardiff from an invasion that's already been lost?

"This is an ambitious series for Big Finish – an entire season of Torchwood! There are some great scripts by some new writers, but there are also some familiar old faces – of course, Rhys and Andy are in it, but there'll be a few other surprises, including an appearance by someone who just has to be, has to be dead..."

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us is available now.


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