Travel Channel Reportedly Pivoting Select Original Series to Discovery+

Earlier this month, discovery+ launched and brought Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Animal [...]

Earlier this month, discovery+ launched and brought Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Animal Planet fans an extensive library of programming, as well as seeing the debut of all-new and exclusive specials, though a new report from Deadline claims that some Travel Channel original programs could pivot to the streaming service as opposed to the linear network. However, this report also notes that this could merely be an experiment on the part of the streamer and that these programs could eventually land on the flagship network at some point in the future. This report also notes that the originals pivoting to discovery+ would likely be in the paranormal corner of their lineup.

While the shift hasn't been confirmed officially, the outlet claims that shows like Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files are some of the programs being considered to shift to discovery+ exclusively.

Given the wide range of networks that are under the Discovery, Inc. umbrella, there is a wide range of fans, all of which are equally as passionate. When discovery+ launched last week, there was a backlash from fans of 90 Day Fiancé, as a number of exclusive spinoffs and supplemental specials about the series were made available on the streaming service. Having grown accustomed to all 90 Day Fiancé being available on TLC, audiences weren't too happy at the idea of being deprived of compelling stories around the concept.

The streaming service initially launched with more than 55,000 hours of content in various arenas, as well as exclusive specials. At launch, Ghost Adventures delivered fans an all-new investigation into the Cecil Hotel, the location of many mysterious and unexplained events, including the disappearance of Elisa Lam.

"It doesn't get bigger and more sinister than this," Zak Bagans, lead paranormal investigator, shared in a statement about the special. "We've been trying to get inside these rooms for more than a decade, so this is really a big deal – the first-ever paranormal investigation in the Cecil Hotel. It has a dark history and reputation and it's one of the heaviest places we've ever been in. This is not your average hotel. With its connection to serial killer Richard Ramirez and the disturbing death of Elisa Lam, it's undeniable that there are spirits inside this building. But the question is who, or what, are they."

Stay tuned for details on the future of discovery+ and the Travel Channel.

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