New WandaVision Behind-the-Scenes Photos Reveal New Look at Sitcom Scenes

From its inception, WandaVision has been a decades-spanning series paying tribute to the sitcoms of yesteryear. Throughout the nine-episode series, the show has paid tribute to every era since the 1950's with its hair, makeup, special effects, and cinematography. Now, new behind-the-scenes shots of the show's earliest have surfaced thanks to a hair and makeup spotlight released by ELLE.

Though the pictures themselves don't reveal any breaking new details, the profile includes interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits from the series, like the fact Karen Bartek (hair) and Tricia Sawyer (makeup) were constantly onset trying to reinvent themselves for each era the show was focused on, especially the show's premiere that was filmed before a live studio audience.

“We were there the whole time, running in really fast when we had a minute to touch them up—just like a sitcom,” Bartek told the magazine.

Then there's the fact that sometimes the show would film out of order, meaning they would film across multiple eras in a single day. Because of that, Bartek revealed the entire main cast wore wigs throughout the sitcom episodes at the onset of the season.

“I think every principal actor had wigs from the ‘50s to the ‘80s. We really couldn't use anybody's hair because shot a lot out of order,” Bartek added. “If we needed to do two eras in one day, that wouldn't work time-wise. We could just pop a wig on and off.”

The first eight episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.


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