Thanks to WandaVision, Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider Can Finally Come Back

WandaVision has blown the doors off on the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. As fans of the Disney+ [...]

WandaVision has blown the doors off on the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. As fans of the Disney+ series can attest, the latest episode has taken a turn into a territory the franchise has yet to visit. If we're being frank, it's something that could lead directly to Nic Cage's return as the Spirit of Vengeance. Even beyond a new Ghost Rider movie or series, it could lead to crossovers in the future that fans of superhero cinema have been waiting decades for.

Full spoilers up ahead for WandaVision Episode Five! If you've yet to see "On a Very Special Episode...," proceed with caution because you will be spoiled.

Quicksilver is back, but not in the form you think. Instead of bringing Aaron Taylor-Johnson back to play the speedster, the series has enlisted the help of Evan Peters to step into the role of Pietro Maximoff. For the uninitiated, Peters also happened to play the character in the X-Men film series produced by 20th Century Fox.

That means that as of now, it would appear the multiverse has already opened and we're starting to get the crossovers. Sure, it could be possible we'll all get bamboozled and Peters is really playing someone else — ahem, Mephisto — but sooner or later, the multiverse will open. We know that much is a fact because it's exactly what Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will deal with. Since WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 tie into each other, why couldn't it open now?

The creation of a cinematic multiverse is a win-win situation for Marvel Studios. It allows the Kevin Feige-led outfit to use the characters of virtually any Marvel movie that's been released before. Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier? Sure. Michael Fassbender's Magneto? Why not? Since it is a multiverse, those cameos or appearances wouldn't need to a long-term situation. Pop up for some quick fan service, and applaud yourself all the way to the bank.

Admittedly, the Cage Ghost Rider movies are Sony releases, so there's likely some rights issues involved in making something like those movies Canon and bringing that exact version of the character back. But we've seen them make deals with Spider-Man, so why wouldn't they be able to do something elsewhere?

Story-wise, who knows why they'd decide to bring Cage back? One idea that stands out is that they could bring him back for an initial Ghost Rider feature as a mentor to Robbie Reyes, who could then take over the franchise after that. Or maybe Cage would be in the long haul for a Johnny Blaze trilogy at the House of Ideas.

Either way, anything's possible, and it's all thanks to WandaVision.

The first five episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.

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