Is Marvel's WandaVision Safe for Kids?

At long last, the first TV series from Marvel Studios is finally streaming on Disney+. The first two episodes of WandaVision were released on the streaming service first thing Friday morning and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are finally able to return to the franchise for the first time since Spider-Man: Far From Home. WandaVision is different than the rest of the MCU, however, in that it's a long-form TV series and it's based on classic sitcoms. Given the different tone, it's easy to wonder how appropriate, or inappropriate, the series may be, especially when compared to the rest of the superhero franchise.

For parents out there looking for answers about WandaVision, and the kind of content within it, the series is mostly a mild one that the majority of family members will be able to enjoy. It's officially rated TV-PG, meaning that it's suitable for most kids, though some parental guidance is suggested.

If you have a younger child and you're concerned with the action and violence of the Marvel movies, that's not an issue with WandaVision, at least not in the first couple of episodes. The series is made to look like classic sitcoms, and while there is some suspense that builds from having a couple of big mysteries at its core, there aren't any real violence or action sequences to speak of. Everything on that front is pretty mild.

The same can be said for any sexual content or language in WandaVision. Just like in the Marvel films, there really aren't any overly sexual scenes at any point in the show. There are one or two jokes with a bit of innuendo, and the opening scene of the second episode ends insinuates that Wanda and Vision (a married couple) are about to have sex. But even this scene is played like an old TV series, as in nothing happens except for two people in pajamas pulling the sheets of their bed over their heads while they giggle at one another.

The only thing in WandaVision that may give you pause when it comes to watching the series with kids is the questions that it will raise about what is actually going on. The whole series is a big mystery and hardly anything is revealed in the first batch of episodes. It may not keep the attention of younger children, and those old enough to enjoy it will still want to ask questions, many of which you won't have the answers to.


As far as how appropriate the series is, it's rated TV-PG for a reason. The series is more appropriate than quite a lot of PG movies out there, and there's not really any strong language to speak of. It shouldn't be a problem to have it on the TV when your kids are in the room.

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