WandaVision Star Elizabeth Olsen Says the Disney+ Series Opened Up Scarlet Witch for Her

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen said that the Disney+ series opened up Scarlet Witch for her. [...]

WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen said that the Disney+ series opened up Scarlet Witch for her. It's no secret that the Avenger hasn't had a ton of opportunities to show the full range of her powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, WandaVision is giving the title character a chance to stretch her wings a bit. No one is happier about that development than Olsen. She talked to ScreenRant about a number of topics in the MCU and of course the mind-bending trip that's coming tomorrow on Disney+. In the interview, the Scarlet Witch actress addresses the fact that she's never even really been called that in these movies. WandaVision represents a moment for Wanda to define who she is as a person and take some ownership of that. The storyline sounds fascinating and that can only mean good things for people who love the character and want to see her grow in this franchise.

"It completely broke her whole life and experience open for me," she told the publication. "I think I was always focused on the puzzle piece that I would fulfill in Avengers, and how it's serving our storyline. And this kind of opened up a whole new door for me with her."

"I feel like I have such ownership, and I feel like I can take her into any situation now. It's really fun to always try and surprise myself with her now," Olsen continued. "I feel like I have a lot more skills with her. I don't know, there's something that completely opened it all up for me again. It's such a gift as an actor when you're playing the same character."

Scarlet Witch has been a cool set of powers for most of her time in the MCU. Olsen previously told Jake's Takes about how excited she was to finally explore the other parts of her character.

"What I have loved exploring with her is developing her into a woman," Olsen told the host during the appearance. "It was fun to play her at first with at that angst in the beginning and morph that angst into grief and then into accountability and then into all of the things we have to deal with [after trauma]. It's just been fun having multiple ways of exploring her experiences and then getting to bust the doors down with this show."

What would you like to see Scarlet Witch achieve in WandaVision? Let us know down in the comments! If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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