New 'Westworld' Teaser Reveals Season 2 Trailer Debuts Tomorrow

Ready to bring yourself back online?The #Westworld Season 2 trailer drops worldwide tomorrow, [...]

If you happened to be watching HBO TV this evening and your usual programming was interrupted, that was no accident or mistake. Westworld is coming back. And the hosts want you to know they're claiming their world.

This evening, HBO briefly suspended every channel in their network to play a new teaser for the second season of Westworld, announcing a new trailer would be debuting tomorrow at 11 am ET. Take a look at the teaser above.

The hit sci-fi/western/mystery series is set to return toward the end of April, bringing characters like Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), The Man in Black (Ed Harris), and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) for another round of existentialist dread.

The teaser played at 8 pm ET on HBO's networks and featured blink-and-you'll-miss-it shots of said characters in dire situations, as the man (in black) formerly known as William spoke in a cryptic voiceover:

"They wanted a place hidden from God. A place they could sin in peace. We got something else in mind, entirely."

The clip is bookended with digitized errors, making it a seamless way to interrupt HBO's programming and play a teaser for one of their most anticipated series — and really, it's right in step with the marketing of the series as it is.

Fans of Westworld have been wondering how the new episodes would play out after last season's game-changing cliffhanger, and it seems like the showrunners gave their biggest hint yet.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series co-creator Jonathan Nolan revealed that every season has a "secret title" behind the scenes.

"If the first season was a journey inward, this is a journey outward," said Nolan. "This is a search for what is else is beyond the park, and what else is in the park. Are there more parks? How big is the park? What's beyond the park? We think of our seasons as discrete components in the series, to the point where we've named our seasons. The first season was called 'The Maze.' The second season is called 'The Door.'"

The series is set to introduce a whole new slate of mysteries, including the very mysterious park known as ShogunWorld, when it returns.

Westworld Season 2 premieres April 22nd on HBO.