When The Walking Dead Delayed Season 10 Finale Might Air

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale delayed by coronavirus might not air for another "four or five" months, predicts Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The Greg Nicotero-directed episode, "A Certain Doom," was pulled from its planned April 12 air date and the season ended with its penultimate episode, "The Tower," which left off with Negan and other survivors surrounded by the walker horde steered by Whisperer Beta (Ryan Hurst). Because the finale requires the use of heavy special effects to create Beta's legion of zombies and other finishing touches that can't be performed remotely, the episode is unable to air until it's safe for crew to return to work and complete post-production.

"I think obviously things are going to come to some sort of a head with the Beta and his character. There has to be some sort of a resolution," Morgan said of the coming episode when calling into SiriusXM’s EW Live. "Whether that carries over to next season, I'll leave that open, because who knows. But we know he's coming to wipe everybody out with his zombie horde so hopefully we'll see that come to a head at some point. There has to be some sort of battle."

Because the episode was directed by series veteran Nicotero, who also directed the death episode for Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), Morgan added, "It's going to be a big massive episode, for sure."

The Walking Dead stars "had fun filming" the action-packed episode, but Morgan admits to not knowing when work on the finale will be finished or when work can start on Season 11 after its shooting start was postponed indefinitely.

"I reckon four or five months from now we'll get to see it. Which will be cool," said Morgan. "It will be cool having a one-off, almost a Walking Dead movie in the middle of the season, I guess. So we're excited about that aspect of it."

In a recent update with ComicBook.com, showrunner Angela Kang said the finale was "about a week and a half out" from completion when California shut down.

"What is continuing remotely is the effects that can be finished, but even after all of that's done, all the shots need to be laid in. There's a color process that needs machines to be finished. There's sound work that we usually do on the Warner Brothers stage, and that's very complex mixing equipment that you can't just move into somebody's house overnight. And multiple people work on that," Kang explained, adding the episode is "very, very close to finishing."


"I think actually, by the time the world is safe for people to start venturing out, probably all of the effects will be done, and then it's just a handful of processes and it can be turned around very, very quickly," Kang continued. "We're very hopeful that we can get it all done very rapidly once we're back up and running."

The Walking Dead will air its Season 10 finale as a special episode on AMC later this year. For all things TWD, follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter.