Who Dies in The Last of Us Season Finale?

Only one episode of The Last of Us remains in the first season of HBO's hit new series, and if it wraps up anything like the video game it's based on then not everyone is going to make it out of the episode alive. Even though episode 8 of the series wrapped up with a bit of hope on the horizon and the trek to Salt Lake City can continue after their encounter with David and his group, Joel and Ellie's journey is about to take its biggest step yet. So who will die in The Last of Us season finale? Maybe more people than you think. Spoilers for The Last of Us games follow!

Almost certainly a whole bunch of Fireflys

The entirety of The Last of Us from a plot perspective has been about getting Ellie to this Firefly base where they'll attempt to use her immunity to make a cure. As players of the video game know, once Joel realizes that in order to synthesize a cure from Ellie's immunity that the Firefly's doctor will need to terminate her life he decides to take matters into his own hands. The video game version of The Last of Us doesn't necessarily require players as Joel to kill a lot of people, stealth being a key component of the gameplay, but there can be a lot of killing if players choose so. We imagine the TV show will choose that route.

Doctor Jerry Anderson

It seems unlikely that the surgeon who intends to operate on Ellie will specfiically get name-dropped, but fans of both video games know that the Doctor in question does have a name, and he's even got a family of his own out there somewhere. The video game of The Last of Us doesn't require players to kill the doctor, though it becomes a major piece of the puzzle in The Last of Us Part II.


Before Joel finally leaves Salt Lake City, the last person he kills is the one who got it all started in the first place, Marlene. It's a moment in the video games that packs a major punch for players, and we imagine that it's going to feel the same way for audiences experiencing it for the first time.

When does The Last of Us air?

The Last of Us airs on HBO and HBO Max at 9 p.m. Eastern every Sunday with The Last of Pods debuting immediately following each show. For more Last of Us content, check out ComicBook and Entertainment Tonight's new podcast: The Last of Pods. The podcast will include breakdowns of each episode, interviews with special guests from the show, and more.