Will Forte Confirms MacGruber Season 2 Has Been Written

After the MacGruber movie debuted and immediately bombed at the box office it didn't take long for the Will Forte-starring SNL movie to become a cult classic. Even with the poor performance in theaters, talk of a follow-up in some form was a frequent topic for years. Despite its status as a very niche comedy property, MacGruber finally returned with Peacock ordering a full TV series which premiered in 2021, and just like the movie....it kind of came and went. Speaking with ComicBook.com in a new interview for the movie Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out, Will Forte confirmed that they were hired to start working on season two, and now they're just waiting.

"As far as from our end, let us at it," Forte said about a new season of the series. "We finished the first season and then they let us start writing the second season and the stuff that we were coming up with was really, really fun and we love it. But then at a certain point...the term of that ran out and then we were just kind of hanging around waiting for an answer and we never had any kind of answer saying that we weren't doing a second season. But at this point, if they wanted us to do a second season, I think they probably would have said something."

The Saturday Night Live star went on to reiterate that the cast and crew are ready for more episodes of the series, but the ball is in the streaming service's court to make it happen. "We would like love (to do it)," Forte added. "There is nobody I love working with more than those guys, they're like family. I remember me and Ryan (Phillippe) and Kristin (Wiig) were all talking about what could happen in a second season and excited to go. So I, you know, I don't think there's any hold up there, it's just you know, having Peacock give it the go ahead."

All eight episodes of the MacGruber show dropped in December of 2021, premiering to an 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a "Certified Fresh" distinction.