Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Spinoff Series in the Works from Will Smith

Will Smith seems to be undergoing something of a creative renaissance lately with his star turn in [...]

Will Smith seems to be undergoing something of a creative renaissance lately with his star turn in Aladdin and the excitement around Gemini Man. Now, he's setting his sights on the past with a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spinoff series in the works. His production company, Westbrook, is developing the project according to The Hollywood Reporter. People have been clamoring for more of Will's adventures with the Banks family for a while now, and it looks like they will be getting their wish.

Smith still receives royalties from the wildly popular sitcom, and that constant stream of revenue looks like it will continue into the future with this latest news. NBC housed the original Fresh Prince series for six seasons before wrapping up in 1996. Executives are probably hoping for a success story in line with Girl Meets World and Fuller House as series that followed a massive hit from yesteryear. Nostalgia is in full swing as 1990s pop culture has become fair game for reboots, sequels, and reimaginings.

If that wasn't enough for Smith, the checks from Aladdin keep rolling in and Gemini Man looks poised to cash in on the audience calls for a younger version of the actor to exist somewhere. The Fresh Prince actor even launched a limited collection of Bel-Air Academy merch to get the people hyped up last week. Most of the clothes are gym gear in the school colors of Carlton and Will's alma mater. A funny bit from the series also managed to make an appearance as the track jacket in the collection reverses to reveal a garish paisley print that you can wear on the outside just like Smith's character did in the show.

The only reason things like this can even get off the ground is because of audience attachment. People still regularly watch the reruns on numerous channels, and the show's presence on streaming services only extends that reach even further. Smith's son Jaden and his daughter Willow owe their head starts in the industry to their two famous parents in a lot of ways. Fans might even hope for some cameos from the Smith family kids as the spinoff gets rolling.

In other Smith news, the actor is making this whole throwback movement work for him in other ways as Bad Boys For Life inches closer to release. The film released a new poster recently, and fans are ready to see Martin Lawrence and Smith together again in the hit series. In a few months' time, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back for another round of pulse-pounding action as they play off each other and look good doing it.