Willow: Christian Slater Wants To Return in Season 2

Willow's first season came to an end on Disney+ last month, and fans of the series are still waiting to find out if it will be getting a second season. Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan recently addressed the finale's cliffhangers and revealed that he's "begging" Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy to let them continue. If the show does get another season, there's one actor who is eager to return: Christian Slater. The actor is featured in one episode as Allagash, a character who fought alongside Madmartigen (Val Kilmer) in the Battle of Land's End. While things didn't exactly end well for Allagash, Slater already has some ideas about how he can return.

"It's certainly a role that I would enjoy delving further into," Slater told Lucasfilm.com. "He kind of gets enveloped by the Trolls and you don't really know what happened. I mean, I have a particular theory that I would like to share with Jon. I like playing this character, so I'm thinking of ways that he could have found out of that situation. And I would love to see where this adventure goes, how we could further develop the characters and have more goofy fun. That's what we want. We just want to be entertained for a little while, have a good time, escape the madness! It was a lot of fun, a real treat. The struggles are, you know, the black eyes. [But] it's all part of the adventure. We get to play these crazy characters and have a good time. I mean, what more could you ask for?"

What Have the Willow Producers Said About Season 2?

The new show was executive produced by Ron Howard who helmed the original Willow film back in 1988. Recently, Howard revealed that he wants to direct an episode of the potential second season, and offered an update about the show's renewal while talking to The Hollywood Reporter. 

"Well, there's always been a hope and a plan for more seasons," Howard explained. "There's certainly more story to tell, but there's nothing concrete that I can comment on right now. From a creative standpoint, everybody is energized. Everybody loved working on Willow. It felt like it found its voice and its footing, so we're just standing by." 

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Kasdan provided a promising update about Season 2. He revealed that conversations with Lucasfilm and Disney+ about a second season of Willow are "going good" and that the team is "eager to do it."

 He added, "It's a strange and unpredictable time here in Hollywood. You see it all over the industry – there are shows that were well on their way to moving forward that haven't, shows that never expected to be in a second season that are – so you never know where you're going to be and you never know where the world is going to end up in a year or whatever."

"But I will tell you that these things take so long to get going and then to make that the attitude and the support from Lucasfilm has been: 'We definitely want to keep telling these stories, but we don't know what the future holds,'" Kasdan explained. 

The first season of Willow is streaming on Disney+.