X-Men '97: Who Is OZT? Explained

X-Men '97 Episode 7 introduces the nefarious group OZT and a deadly new form of Sentinel. Here's the Marvel lore you need to know.

X-Men '97 Episode 7 "Bright Eyes" dealt with the trauma and shifting politics of the world, following the Mutant Massacre in Genosha. As Rogue went on a rampage, her fellow X-Men tried to help Genosha recover and bring mutantkind hope by tracking down those responsible for the Wild Sentinel's attack. 

However, while the X-Men started out thinking they were on the hunt, a pivotal turn in the search for Sentinel creator Bolivar Trask revealed that they were the prey of a new, even deadlier, enemy than they could've imagined. 

But who is the "OZT" Group – and their mysterious leader? X-Men comic book fans of the 1990s already know that answer! 

X-Men '97: What Is OZT?

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"OZT" is an acronym that is meant to reference "Operation Zero Tolerance," a 1997 X-Men comic book story arc.

X-Men: Operation Zero Tolerance Explained

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In that crossover storyline, a new government-sanctioned covert operation to capture or kill mutants gets launched in response to a mutant villain (Onslaught) seemingly wiping out Earth's heroes (The Avengers and Fantastic Four). In its paranoia, the American government handed control of Operation Zero Tolerance to "Bastion," a mysterious figure who introduced a new type of "Prime Sentinel" – i.e., cybernetically-enhanced humans that acted as sleeper agents until their Sentinel programming was "activated" by mutants detected in their vicinity, or by Bastion himself. 

Operation Zeron Tolerance launched with a major ambush against the various X-Men teams and key figures (X-Force, Cagle, Wolverine, Generation X), capturing many of them (including Prof. X), while also taking over the X-Mansion, and breaching Xavier's files on countless mutants across the globe. Using that intel, Bastion used his Prime Sentinels to ambush high-value mutant targets, leaving the uncaptured X-people on their backfoot, and on the run. 

(Potential SPOILERS For X-Men '97!) 

A major twist in the story came when it was revealed that Bastion himself was a Sentinel – and not just any sentinel. Bastion was a fusion of Master Mold and future Sentinel Nimrod, fitted into a human-looking cybernetic shell. With Nimrod's knowledge of future technology, "Bastion" was able to build the Prime Sentinels in the modern-day era. Operation Zero Tolerance was eventually shut down, thanks to the X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Senator Robert Kelly. However, Bastion would continue to be a major antagonist in X-Men lore years after Zero Tolerance was over. 

 X-Men '97 continues to condense multiple famous X-Men comic storylines into its episodes. The Genoshan Mutant Massacre and Operation Zero Tolerance are events separated by a few years, and weren't directly related – but it certainly works in animated form. 

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