Kurt Angle Denies Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar's Request for Universal Championship Rematch

Finn Balor never got his Universal Championship rematch. Neither did Kevin Owens. And it looks like Brock Lesnar will have to join that disgruntled fraternity.

While WWE picks and chooses when they apply their obligatory rematch clause, Kurt Angle flatly denied Paul Heyman's request on behalf of Lesnar. Heyman specifically asked for a SummerSlam rematch at Hell in a Cell, but not on did Angle say no, but he mocked The Advocate's pitch.


This is newsworthy because no one expected Heyman and Lesnar to even pitch a rematch. After losing to Reigns we all assumed that Lesnar would be on his merry way to the Octagon. But with Heyman planting the idea, maybe Lesnar hasn't made the exit we've all been lead to believe.

There were rumors of Lesnar meeting with WWE officials in the hour before SummerSlam, but no one has confirmed that actually happened. WWE has used elements of real-life—contract negotiations this time—to fuel speculation on Lesnar's future. From everything we've heard, Lesnar was getting paid by appearance with his agreement expiring after SummerSlam. That may or may not be true, but by Heyman even tossing the idea of a rematch around we have to believe that Lesnar will be lurking in the shadows until WWE has something big for him.