Watch: WWE Cameras Catch Shawn Michaels Telling Triple H 'We're Too Old For This' at Crown Jewel

WWE Crown Jewel featured an Attitude Era exhibition where the four combatants average age was 51.5. And after the match, Shawn Michaels was caught stating the obvious.

After beating The Undertaker and Kane, Shane Michaels and Triple H shared a ring corner for some much-needed oxygen and self-reflection. As they huffed, even the most average lip reader can see HBK tell Triple H "We're too old for this."

Shawn telling Hunter at Crown Jewel, "We're too old for this" from r/SquaredCircle

The words may have been a little too true for Triple H as he was coming to terms with a torn pectoral. The Game reportedly suffered the injury mid-match and looks to be locked in for surgery. Michaels, Kane, and Undertaker left the match in good health (as far as we know) but it's possible we never see any of those legends wrestle again.

There has been no shortage of rumors surrounding Michaels, in particular, regarding more matches getting added to his slate. Whispers of Survivor Series and WrestleMania 35 have been persistent, but they may never actually manifest. After his Crown Jewel match, HBK appeared to shut the door on more in-ring competition.

"This whole day I've been anxious, and nervous, and everything else," Shawn admitted. "But once I got in there with everybody, it was fun, it was comfortable. I felt... did a few things, get a little warm, and you forget how tough this is on your body. I'll be feeling it for the next several days and it'll be a very good reminder of why I didn't do it for 8 years and why I'm not going to do it again, if I can possibly help it."

Michaels may have left a tiny opening for another match, but at this moment, we'd guess it's all over. At 53, Michaels has nothing to prove to himself or the WWE Universe. Few expected him to break his near decade-long retirement, but the circumstances at Crown Jewel may have been ideal for HBK to be The Showstopper one last time. With it not being a traditional pay-per-view, and with his duty being a low-stakes tag match, expectations were never too high for Michels and Co. to put on a great match. However, a bout at WrestleMania is a much different story, and one HBK seems happy to avoid.

Before the Crown Jewel match, Michaels spoke to and appeared to underline that this would be the last time we see him compete.


"... it’s sort of like saying yes to eating chocolate pie. Sometimes, you know, for the most part, you know it’s not as good for you, you try not to have too much of it, but every now and then, you have a cheat day, you enjoy it, and then that’s it. That’s what this is for me, it’s a very glorified cheat day," he said.

We'll have to wait and see if Michaels stays true to his word, but it certainly looks like Crown Jewel was the last time we'll see him in action.