Xavier Woods Says Some Wrestling Fans Are Like 'Entitled Infants'

Despite the fact that WWE television is currently in the midst of what could only be described as a rut, there's never been a better time to be a pro wrestling fan.

Why? Simply because of the easily accessible content from all over the world. If you aren't happy with WWE, you can livestream or view shows on demand from the other side of the planet in New Japan Pro Wrestling. There's a plethora of great action coming out of Europe and Mexico as well, so one could always check out something like Demand Progress. There's Ring of Honor here in the States, EVOLVE, PWG, Impact Wrestling, and the list goes on and on.

And despite what is happening creatively in WWE, the matches in the ring always deliver. New Day member Xavier Woods had some thoughts on these topics recently while being interviewed by the Manila Bulletin.

"When people talk about the difference between the organizations – not even organizations – between like NXT and the main roster," Woods said. "So when they say like, ‘Oh man! TakeOver killed it. SummerSlam, this is gonna suck!’ It’s on the same company. What is there to complain about?

You just got an awesome wrestling show on Saturday night, you just had an awesome wrestling show on Sunday, then you’re gonna watch Raw on Monday, and SmackDown on Tuesday, then NXT. What are you complaining about?"

Woods then hit on the subject of all of the wrestling from around the world that is accessible these days via the internet.

"And then like, you can watch New Japan. You can watch Triple A. You can watch so much wrestling from all corners of the world. And it’s all awesome and it’s all good. It’s all different guys and girls portraying their form of art that they love – that they wanna give to you," Woods noted.

Indeed, longtime fans could have never imagined access to so much wrestling 15 or 20 years ago. Those days, tape trading and hauling heavy boxes to the post office was the price to get what you can easily watch now in minutes.


So in the end, Woods has a strong view on wrestling fans that complain in 2018.

"So anytime anyone complains about wrestling it’s so annoying to me because people come off as these entitled infants. Because in reality, wrestling hurts so bad. And then we’re hurting ourselves to entertain the masses. And sometimes the masses wanna tell us how much it sucks," Woods concluded.