WWE Removes Chris Jericho From Intro Video Hours After Joining AEW

Did Chris Jericho becoming AEW's blockbuster grab irritate Vince McMahon and WWE? It's impossible to know, but Jericho was yanked from WWE's introductory video ahead of SmackDown just hours after joining AEW.

On Tuesday afternoon Jericho crashed AEW's rally in Jacksonville, FL signaling that he indeed is a part of the promotion. But now that Y2J is working for another North American wrestling promotion, he's officially WWE's competition. So when SmackDown aired later that night his image was replaced with Cesaro.

Even more, Jericho was moved from the active Superstar page to Alumni on WWE's website.

So is there bad blood between WWE and Jericho? Eh, probably not. While it's different than joining an American-based promotion, Jericho did already participate at All In in the fall of 2018. The only way Jericho may have chapped McMahon is if he turned down a WWE offer to join AEW. Perhaps that's the case, but we simply do not know.


Jericho has been a diplomat for professional wrestling in recent years. While he did make a few WWE dates in 2018, he's mostly been involved with New Japan Wrestling as their IWGP Intercontinental Champion. There have been rumors of Y2J joining Impact Wrestling, but now that he's with AEW that narrative looks to be dead.

But what about WWE? Will we ever see Jericho work for Vince McMahon again? We'll guess it's 50/59. Ideally, the 48-year-old Jericho returns to WWE for an ultimate send-off — maybe a final WrestleMania moment. But that doesn't necessarily have to happen. Jericho has accomplished just about everything wrestling offers and him becoming an ambassador of the sport in recent years could be his final act. Jericho, clearly, doesn't need WWE to have his fun.