Edge and Christian Discuss the Impact of AEW

AEW is hogging headlines as the birth of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Tony Khan's promotion is the most exciting thing in professional wrestling at the moment. And Edge and Christian seem optimistic that AEW will continue to hold our attention.

During an episode of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, the beloved WWE pair shared their thoughts on the development of AEW and what the future may bring.

To Edge, the bankrolling and passion of Tony Khan could prove to be vital for AEW's success.

“While I was asleep [on New Year’s Eve], big announcement, All Elite Wrestling. Yeah, New Year’s announcement. Well, you’re buddies with that Tony Khan, right? I think you were the first guy who told me, ‘oh yeah, the son of the [owner of] the Jacksonville Jaguars is a huge [pro] wrestling fan.”

Khan is the co-owner of both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Premier League soccer club, Fulham F.C. Christian revealed that he's had several discussions Khan that left him impressed with Khan's knowledge and passion of the sport.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big. Well, I mean, obviously, they’ve got the money for it, right? I mean, [if you own an NFL franchise] and also a football team in England as well. [Khan] obviously has a passion for [pro wrestling]. Having talked to him before, he’s a fan of it. And you have young, ambitious guys like Cody and The Young Bucks involved and you saw the success they had with ALL IN. So, like I said, it’s very ambitious, but all the luck to them. It’s never bad to have places for guys to go out there and apply their trade, guys and girls," he said.

Edge seems to think that AEW can become a powerhouse within indie wrestling, especially if they continue to nab the right talent.

“Crazier things have happened. It’ll be interesting to see who else they’re able to pluck from the indie scene and also who knows with contracts coming up and all that stuff. It could get interesting.”


Right now, AEW top stars include Rhodes, The Bucks, PAC (Neville), and of course, Chris Jericho. Even more, they seem to be the frontrunner to land the services of Kenny Omega. But not only will AEW look to continue to expand its roster by inking big names, but they'll also likely enjoy the flexibility of sharing talent with New Japan and Ring of Honor making AEW the best indie All-Star game in town.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]