WWE About to Change Price of WWE Network?

Since it’s inception, WWE relentlessly reminded us that their version of Netflix, the WWE Network, was only $9.99. But it looks like that price is about to change.

Twitter user @AnswerTheTen just published a screenshot of a billing notification from the WWE Network. In the pop-up, it looks like WWE is ready to bump the Network price to $10.99 a month.

There have been rumors of WWE changing the pricing, but all of those stories involved WWE using a tired system. Going from $9.99 to 10.99 would be a sweeping change that would add a few million to WWE’s pockets. As of April of 2018, the WWE Network had just over two million subscribers, and while that number may be inflated by the number of trial periods WWE hands out, adding $1 from every account every month should net WWE an extra $25 million a year.


This price change has not been revealed by WWE themselves, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is indeed their plan. However, if WWE decided to collect an extra dollar, fans will most certainly be upset. On numerous occasions, #CancelTheWWENetwork has trended on social media. While that hashtag usually came after a Roman Reigns victory, it looks like it will soon be rebooted to fight off WWE's attempted to get in fans' pockets.

However, there are calmer minds who think even at $11 the Network is still a bargain. Considering pay-per-views alone used to be $50, the Network is giving fans an extensive amount of contact and access for considerably less money. Even more, the addition of NXT, 205 Live, Network Originals, plus the delicious library of old school content still makes the Network a no brainer for dedicated fans or even just nostalgics.