Watch: Tye Dillinger, Now Shawn Spears, Officially Signs With AEW

All Elite Wrestling confirmed on the latest episode of The Road to Fyter that Shawn Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger from his time in WWE, has officially signed with AEW.

After a short promo reintroducing himself, Cody Rhodes was seen in his Atlanta office discussing the value the veteran brings to the brand.

"He could potentially be a player coach, eventually a coach," Rhodes said of Spears. "Freaking great for the young guys, and he's a great hand. So I'm happy with it."

Spears made his debut at AEW's Double or Nothing as part of the Casino Battle Royale. In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet that dropped this week, Spears revealed that his 90-day no-complete clause with WWE expired just 24 hours before AEW's first pay-per-view. He stated in the interview that he felt WWE deliberately granted his release in order to let him appear at the AEW show out of respect.

"I asked for my release on my birthday, February 19th," Spears said. "I was verbally granted it on the Friday which was the 22nd or something but I needed the paperwork officially and I didn't get that until the following week. Had they waited an extra 24 hours I would not have been able to do Double or Nothing so I think WWE was being gracious. They knew what was going on. I think they allowed me to be out at that time to do whatever I wanted to do including Double or Nothing. I could be completely wrong and it might have slipped their minds, I don't know but I like to think that I had earned that mutual respect."

Spears went on to say that he chose to turn down a raise from WWE and instead request his release because he doesn't want to have any regrets once his career is over. He also admitted he was terrified that fans would not react to his appearance once he arrived at AEW.

"A lot of time had gone by, a lot of low time had gone by so coming out at Double or Nothing I was like 'God, I just hope people remember,'" I hope people react and I hope people care that I'm here tonight'. That was my biggest fear."


AEW's next event, Fyter Fest, will take place in Daytona Beach, Florida on June 29. The show will air for free on the B/R Live streaming service.

Photo: Ricky Havlik