Photos: Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Announce They're Expecting Their Third Child

Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky took to social media on Tuesday with a special announcement — they're having another baby.

The two got married back in October 2013 and already have two sons, Maxel (age 3) and Wolfgang (age 2).

"Super excited to announce that a brand new Hardy debutng soon to join #HouseHardy," Hardy tweeted. "Will it be another Hardy Boy? Or will it be a Hardy Girl? What I do know is that it shall be absolutely WONDERFUL!"

"Jumping for joy. It's another Hardy Boy .......or girl ???" Reby wrote on her Instagram page.

Both of the Hardy children have previously appeared in various Broken/Woken Hardy skits, with Maxel even picking up his first victory as a wrestler back in December 2016 at the Total Nonstop Deletion event in Impact Wrestling.

Hardy and his brother Jeff captured their ninth set of tag team championships in WWE back in April on an episode of SmackDown Live. Unfortunately the pair had to relinquish the titles at the end of the month when Jeff suffered a knee injury that would require surgery. Matt has periodically appeared on WWE television since then, mostly at live events.

Hardy was off of WWE television for a large chunk of 2018 as he dealt with his own injuries, namely that his spine had begun fusing to his pelvis after years of leg drops. He even teased the idea of retiring on social media, but refuted those claims in later interviews.


"People throw around the word retirement where typically, I guess, if someone teases that, it's retirement, but retirement is not a word I ever said. I never said retirement. I said, 'I need to go home,' and I really did," Hardy said in an interview with Lilian Garcia.

"After being there for a year and a half and I worked on a full time schedule the whole time I was there and obviously I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but doing this 26 years in October, so I needed to go home," he continued. "I needed to address some issues I was having with my lower back and my hips. If I can bounce back from those issues and get back in the ring and be physical, that's great and if I can't, we'll do whatever we need to do on-air to figure out something entertaining for Matt Hardy."