Kevin Owens Says He Wants a Long Babyface Run

Kevin Owens appeared on the Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia podcast this week, where he opened up about his personal struggles in the WWE. The former Universal Champion admitted he is very rarely satisfied with his performances on a week-to-week basis, leaving him unhappy and stressed during pivotal career moments like his world championship run.

At one point during the interview Garcia asked Owens if he enjoys being a heel more than a babyface. The former Ring of Honor star turned heel in his first night in the company back in 2014 when he attacked Sami Zayn, and with the exception of a brief period of time form February to early April he's never had legitimate babyface run. Owens then stated he wants to give being a babyface a shot, feeling that he'd be exceptional at it.

"Only because I've been a heel for so long now, I personally am ready for something different," Owens said. "And I also would love to see how successful I can be as a babyface. My ego tells me I'd be great. But I got a tiny taste of it and then for reasons beyond my control for what the show needed, I had to go back the other way. And I'm trying to make it as good as I can. But I still have this need to find out if I'm right."

A week after WrestleMania 35, The New Day inducted Owens into the group as an honorary member while Big E was out of action with a meniscus injury. Unfortunately Owens turned on the group just one week later, leading to a WWE Championship match against Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank where he came up short of becoming a two-time world champion. Since then he has worked in a tag team alongside Zayn and continued his feud with New Day.


His heel turn was reportedly not planned when he originally returned from injury back in February. However when a planned rematch between Kingston and Bryan at Money in the Bank was pulled due to the latter suffering a minor injury, plans were changed to flip Owens back into a heel.

Since joining the company in 2014 Owens' accomplishments include winning the NXT Championship, Intercontinental Championship (twice), United States Championship (three times) and Universal title (once).