Jack Swagger Calls out Goldberg After SummerSlam Match, Goldberg Responds

Bill Goldberg returned to WWE on Sunday night for a match at SummerSlam against Dolph Ziggler. To the surprise of pretty much no one, the WWE Hall of Famer demolished Ziggler in under two minutes, then speared him two more times after Ziggler grabbed a microphone and kept trying to insult the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

After Goldberg's appearance Jake Hager (formerly known as Jack Swagger from his days in WWE) took to Twitter and called out the big man.

Hager's tweet was met with some backlash by Goldberg fans, with one saying that he could beat Hager in MMA. The former World Heavyweight Champion currently fights in the Bellator MMA promotion and has a 2-0 professional record.

"He can't run a spot but you think he can touch me? Lol," Hager responded.

That got a response out of Goldberg.

"Ok. But Can u at least kick out on 2 ?" Hager responded.

Whether or not this will lead to a match at some point remains to be seen. Hager has been wrestling part-time on the independent scene since starting his MMA career but has been gone from WWE since 2017.

Hager isn't the only MMA fighter/wrestler that Goldberg may have issues with. NXT star and former UFC fighter Matt Riddle recapped his tense encounter with the legend during the SummerSlam watch-along on Sunday night.


"I'm walking by and see I his locker room," Riddle said. "I've already seen Brock's, and I see Goldberg's locker room. And I'm trying to get a peek. I'm looking, I'm looking, all of a sudden 'pow!' Big shoulder, 300 pounds at least. It's Bill Goldberg. He goes, 'we got some talking to do!' And I'm like, 'well we can talk anytime bro!' He's like, 'yeah?' And I'm like, 'yeah!' And I was like, 'alright, bro, anytime.' And he's like, 'I'm not your bro!'

"And I'm like, 'Alright, bro. Take it easy. whatever' And then he's like, 'yeah, we'll see. I'll see ya later. And hey, it was a pleasure meeting you.' And I go, 'the pleasure was all mine, bro.' And then he goes, 'I'm not your bro,'" he continued. "And then I walked away, I had to come here."