'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Is Watching WWE SummerSlam on a Laptop

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin couldn't make it to SummerSlam in-person this year, but the WWE Hall of Famer did give fans a glimpse of how he's watching this year's event.

Austin posted a quick video of himself watching the WWE Network via a laptop alongside a can of his own personal beer, Broken Skull IPA.

The six-time former WWF Champion last appeared on WWE television in mid-July at the Raw Reunion. Since then he's given numerous interviews where he talked about how much fun he had at the show.

"I'm not a sentimental guy, my name's 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and I'm known for dropping people on the stack of dimes that they call a neck," Austin said in a backstage interview with WWE after the show. "But to go out there with all of my brothers and sisters on this Raw reunion, I hope that they continue to do this every year because I will continue to show up.

"...You don't need to ride me off into the sunset just yet," he added.

One of the surprising facts about the night was that Austin did not interact with Kevin Owens, the man who now uses his Stunner finisher.


"With Kevin Owens, don't throw my name on there," Austin said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. "This guy can talk a lot of trash, he is great in the ring, and he's using my finisher, but hell, no one is going to be the next Steve Austin.

"I remember when people were saying I was going to be the next Ric Flair when I was in WCW. No one's ever going to be the next Ric Flair, and you're not going to see the next Hulk Hogan or the next Bret Hart, either. It just doesn't happen that way. People like to say that because of the similarities, but what we should be saying is, 'I want this guy to be the next big thing.'"