Watch: Dalton Castle Talks Honor for All, Ring of Honor's Future, Life Without The Boys

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Dalton Castle stopped by the studios on Thursday ahead of the upcoming Honor for All event on Sunday night at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

"The Party Peacock" hasn't been seen inside of an ROH ring since his months-long feud with the unbeaten Rush resulted in another loss at Summer Supercard. Castle is schedule to face Eli Isom on Sunday's show, and hinted that he's moving from his issues with Rush.

"I don't know if Rush deserves any more of my attention," Castle said. "I feel like every time I do something right, he does something wrong. He gets rewarded and I get overlooked. So I feel like that's a battle that I need to be done with for a while. I'm focusing on something else for now."

Castle's feud with Rush kicked off back at the G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden in early April. He lost the match in just 16 seconds, and took his frustrations out on The Boys while turning heel in the process.

"I don't miss those particular boys, Brent and Brandon (now going by The Tate Twins)," Castle said. "They were dead weight and they were the cause of a lot of my demise. But I do miss having boys with me, like at Supercard of Honor I brought some boys out with me, we had a little fun. Sure made undressing way easier."

Castle also addressed some of the latest headlines regarding Ring of Honor. Back in July news broke that ROH and the National Wrestling Alliance had parted ways, with the latter later announcing that that they intended on producing their own television product later this year.

"Oh it was shocking," Castle said when asked about his reaction when he learned the news. "Yeah, I mean, I don't like when things change when it's something that I enjoy. Like [NWA vice president] Dave Lagana [had[ been working with us for a while now [on backstage vignettes and promo packages] and I've gotten kind of accustomed to him being around and I liked him there. I feel like he helped at least me, selfishly he helped me out a lot. If you take a look at a lot of the backstage videos we did he was behind the camera and helped producing some of those and I liked having him there.

"I haven't seen the big change yet," he continued. "It hasn't affected me. I never had a storyline weaved in with the NWA. I did have ambitions in my heart to go after that NWA world title, so I don't know how likely that is now that we split."

He was then asked about what's the next big step for Ring of Honor. Back in late 2018 the company lost a chunk of its roster just before new promotion AEW was launched, but the promotion managed to stock up on new talent and keep things rolling.

"I don't know what the next step is for the company," Castle said. "I know moving forward is all I want to do. The only thing I can control is my performance and my attitude when I come to work. I love doing this, and I'm never going to dial it back. I'm never gonna [not] put in the most effort possible and make sure that what the people are watching is the most entertaining and greatest product there can be. And I truly believe that the top guys, the majority of people in the Ring of Honor locker room, the men and the women, about 90% of us all focus the same way. And if we all keep doing that, things are just gonna keep moving forward and be great."


Ring of Honor's Honor for all kicks off at 6 p.m. Central time on Sunday night. Fans can check out the show live via subscribing to the Honor Club streaming service.

Photo courtesy of Ring of Honor