Watch: Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton Repeat History at Madison Square Garden

For Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston, 2019 became 2009 during Tuesday night's edition of WWE SmackDown Live.

Calling back on their famous match from RAW in 2009, Kingston and Orton set out to repeat history during WWE's return to Madison Square Garden, the very venue of their RAW match that received so many call-backs in recent months.

Kingston came out to the ring to cut a promo but was quickly interrupted by Orton, who, as usual, called him "stupid, stupid, stupid." Kingston set out to brawl with Orton in the crowd, and several chairshots ensued.


Eventually, Kingston gained the upperhand and placed Orton across a table, just as he did in 2009. Kingston then climbed to the second deck and came off with a double leg drop through the table, the same move that has been replayed so many times in recent weeks from the pair's 2009 match.

Check it out below.