Watch: Technical Glitch During WWE Raw Causes Graphics to Flip Upside Down

Monday Night Raw kicked off this week with Seth Rollins calling out Bray Wyatt for jumping him in the closing moments of Clash of Champions the previous night. Wyatt popped up on the TitanTron via the Firefly Fun House set to taunt Rollins and tease a potential appearance from "The Fiend" for later in the night, but then fans noticed something weird about the Raw broadcast. As Michael Cole hyped up the King of the Ring tournament finals and a women's tag team match for later in the show, the graphics inexplicably were flipped upside down.

Renee Young eventually noticed the glitch, asking aloud, "Have these been upside down the whole time?"


Fans on Twitter seemed to notice too.

"Yes Renee, they have been upside down the entire time...that doesn't need you need to CALL IT OUT live on TV while you're promoting the show LMAO #Raw," @JDFromNY206 tweeted.