WWE RAW and SmackDown To Receive New Entrance Stages

WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live are set to receive a face lift in less than two weeks.

With SmackDown Live moving to FOX on Friday, October 4th and the Monday, September 30th edition of RAW being advertised as the "season premiere," WWE has decided to use the opportunity to give their shows an updated look.

According to WrestleVotes, this week will be the final week that RAW and SmackDown will have the same sets (stages) that they have used for the last few years.

The account goes on to note that RAW and SmackDown will have unique sets moving forward rather than using the exact same stage and set-up as they do now. This will help with the current brand split expected to become more firmly in place (no more "Wild Card Rule") with SmackDown's move to FOX. WWE is set on making each show feel unique and separate.

This is a great move for WWE, as both sets have begun to feel stale. Outside of some minor changes, the brands have used essentially the same set for many years now. On top of that, most WWE PPV events tend to use the same RAW and SmackDown set as well, just with different graphics coming across the screens.


It had previously been reported that WWE was looking at giving their PPV events more unique sets once again as they have done in the past. While WrestleMania always has it's own unique set, and occasionally the Royal Rumble and SummerSlam, the rest of the schedule looks virtually identical every single month.

Long time fans will remember when every monthly PPV event had a unique staging set-up, which was always something fun to look forward to. Look for WWE to move back to that type of planning in the months ahead.

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