Bray Wyatt Breaks Silence After Controversial Hell in a Cell Match

It looks like Bray Wyatt isn't done playing mind games on social media. On Sunday night the former WWE Champion stepped inside Hell in a Cell as "The Fiend" for a match against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Given the popularity of his new persona and how well he had been presented on television since April, many WWE fans were hoping that Sunday night's main event would by Wyatt's crowning achievement by utterly demolishing Seth Rollins. But that's not what happened. Rollins spent most of the match trying to hit Wyatt with all sorts of weapons and nearly a dozen Curb Stomps, but couldn't keep the man down for more than one second at time. Eventually Rollins resorted to burying Wyatt under a pile of weapons and strike the pile with a sledgehammer, which caused the referee to call for the bell.

Fans in the Golden 1 Center were utterly furious by the decision. Even after Wyatt got back up and bloodied Rollins with a Sister Abigail (on concrete) and two Mandible Claws, the crowd filled the arena with boos and chants for refunds. The reaction was just as bad on social media with fans saying WWE had "booked themselves into a corner" with Wyatt and had hurt the mystique surrounding the Hell in a Cell match by having the referee throw the match out (despite sledgehammer spots being used in numerous previous cell matches). While Rollins has remained quiet on social media since the bout, Wyatt popped up on Twitter early Monday afternoon.

WWE later clarified that the match had ended due to referee stoppage rather than a disqualification, but it did little to quiet the anger from fans.


With the exception of a legitimately excellent cell match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair's 10th championship victory, very little happened during Sunday night's event. The Kabuki Warriors captured the WWE Women's tag titles, Braun Strowman knocked AJ Styles out with a punch to tease a conflict with Tyson Fury, Chad Gable pulled off a win over King Corbin only to get attacked backstage afterwards and Randy Orton won an impromptu match against Ali.

WWE will look to bounce back from the poorly-received show with Monday Night Raw tonight. Outside of an appearance from Fury, the only match that has been announced is a Last Woman Standing bout between Natalya and Lacey Evans.