Kevin Smith Says His AEW Dynamite Appearance Got Him Banned From WWE SmackDown's FOX Premiere

Kevin Smith and his Jay and Slient Bob Reboot co-star Jason Mewes made a surprise appearance during AEW Dynamite last week when the pair popped up in the front row of the show's premiere. Smith was personally invited to the show by reigning AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, but now it sounds like that invite wound up costing Smith a seat at a different show just two days later. The Clerks director appeared alongside Jericho on The Rich Eisen Show this week and said that after he appeared on AEW television, WWE pulled his invite from the Friday Night SmackDown FOX premiere two days later in Los Angeles.

"We were supposed to go do WWE, me and Jay, the very next day, which was Friday," Smith said. "Was it Friday? SmackDown. And then the morning after, because we were on the AEW show, it trended, like, there was a lot of coverage and stuff. So the next morning we were told that WWE was like, 'You can't come on anymore,' and they canceled us. They kicked me and Jay off the show, but not in a crazy way, they didn't hit us with chairs."

"The first casualty of the wrestling war was Jay and Silent Bob," Jericho joked.

The champ then talked about how WWE put NXT live on Wednesday nights on USA to combat Dynamite, though he stated once again that the company does not feel like they're at "war" with WWE.

Jericho had himself another eventful episode of Dynamite this week. Early on in the show he formally introduced his new faction, The Inner Circle, and cut a promo on his upcoming title match with Cody Rhodes at the Full Gear pay-per-view on Nov. 9.


"You know what Cody? I don't like you, and I don't like your family," Jericho said. "I don't like your father, Dusty Rhodes, I think he was a jerk. I don't like your brother Dustin Rhodes. I think he's a moron and I'm going to kick his ass tonight. And most importantly Cody, on Nov. 9 at Full Gear. When you challenged Le Champion for the AEW Championship, you know what's going to happen to ya? I'm going to beat the ever-loving s— out of you!"

Later in the night Jericho learned that he would have to defend his title against Darby Allin on next week's episode in Philadelphia. Allin aligned himself with Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Adam Page, Dustin Rhodes and MJF in fighting back against The Inner Circle at the end of the show.