WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Takes Out Seth Rollins During Roman Reigns Match

WWE SmackDown on FOX got off to a hot start on Friday night as SmackDown's Roman Reigns took on RAW's Seth Rollins in the very first segment of the show.

The match was advertised for several days as the big-time match for SmackDown this week, a show that featured night one of the WWE Draft. The bout would determine which brand would receive the first overall pick in the draft, and this was also Rollins' first bout since the much-criticized match between he and Bray Wyatt at Hell In A Cell last Sunday.

The announcers sold the match as a bout "we may never seen again" due to the WWE Draft and brand split which will follow suit, advertised as being much more strict than the previous incarnation that featured a lot of movement between RAW and SmackDown due to the "Wild Card Rule," which has since been ended.

The match stared with each man struggling for position as the announcers sold their respect for each other. However, that quickly broke down as the two men exchanged some hard right hands in the center of the ring.

The match went to a commercial less than five minutes in, and when we came back the two men were still exchanging position, trying to hit a vertical suplex on the other. The back and forth theme continued as Rollins hit a kick and went for a Curb Stomp, but Reigns reversed it into a one handed powerbomb in what was a smooth looking series of moves.

After spilling out onto the outside briefly, Rollins hit a big Frog Splash back in the ring for a near fall. Just before that, Rollins hit Reigns with a stiff knee to the temple which was shown on replay and looked brutal.

Rollins hit a buckle bomb but Reigns came out of the turnbuckle immediately with a Superman Punch. Reigns then went for a Spear but Rollins reversed it into a Pedigree for a near fall.

Rollins went to set-up the Curb Stomp and the lights went out. Immediately after that, Bray Wyatt emerged by coming through the ring itself. He dragged Rollins down below. Seconds later, Rollins emerged holding his throat as smoke came from the whole in the ring canvas. Wyatt then peaked out smiling before the lights went out again. He then emerged at the top of the entrance ramp, looking back at the ring and the lights went out again before commercial.


The match was officially ruled a disqualification, with Rollins getting the victory, and thus, RAW would receive the first pick in the draft.

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