Matt Riddle Declares Himself The New Goldberg, Continuing Feud With The Legend

WWE NXT's "King of Bros," Matt Riddle, isn't letting up when it comes to his feud with Bill Goldberg.

Riddle has been calling out Goldberg for years. During that time, he's often a vocal critic of Goldberg when he has had return matches to the ring. Eventually the two did cross paths backstage at WWE SummerSlam earlier this year in Toronto.

However, Riddle presses on, this time claiming he's the "new Goldberg" during an appearance on WWE's The Bump. He pointed to his use of the Spear and Jackhammer and the crowd's reaction to it during a recent match with Cameron Grimes.

"You know, honestly, when I did it to Cameron Grimes the other day, I was just in there and I had little extra time and I was like, 'you know what? I'm just going to hit you with the Jackhammer.' So that's kind of how that went. I didn't really call it or do anything, I just did it. And the Spear the other day, You know the Jackhammer got such a great reaction, I was like, Hey, why not do a spear? And as you can tell, the crowd loves it. They've been chanting Riddle, like, I'm the new Goldberg," Riddle explained.

Riddle has been using the moves for a while now, but the use of them on television while the crowd chanted "Riddle" in the same fashion as they used to chant "Goldberg" took things to the next level. Riddle even looked at the camera and mouthed the words "you're next."


It remains to be seen if WWE ever follows up on all of this with a match between the two. Riddle has also been vocal in going after Brock Lesnar throughout the years, promising to retire him, but nothing has come of that feud yet either.

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