AEW's Dax Harwood Leaves in the Middle of Match Due to Injury at Forbidden Door

FTR's Dax Harwood was unexpectedly pulled from a three-way tag team match due to a possible legitimate shoulder injury. Harwood was shown being escorted to the back on camera in the middle of the FTR/Roppongi Vice/Jeff Cobb & Great O'Khan three-way match, with two titles on the line. The injury appeared to be legitimate, but Harwood returned to the match later on with his shoulder heavily taped and what appeared to be ice packs underneath. Harwood still managed to throw Jeff Cobb around with a series of suplexes, so he seemed to be okay. While it's certainly possible that Harwood suffered a legitimate injury, it's equally possible that this was a storyline injury designed to help FTR "beat the odds" on the continued hot runs. 

The match had high stakes, as the winner would be crowned Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion and IWGP Tag Team Champion. Despite the injury, Harwood was able to score the pin after he and partner Cash Wheeler hit the Shatter Machine on Roppongi Vice's Rocky Romero. 

FTR is on one of their hottest win streaks, picking up the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships in a highly anticipated match against the Briscoes. FTR also recently picked up a win against the Young Bucks in a Match of the Year contender. 

We'll keep you updated on whether Harwood's injury is legitimate or if it was a storyline injury. Obviously, a legitimate injury would be a major blow to FTR, who seemed to be on the precipice of solidifying themselves as one of the top tag teams in the world.