Dylan 'Swoggle' Postl on His New Animated Series, Appearing on Both AEW Dynamite and Impact Wrestling

Dylan Postl, better known in the professional wrestling world as Swoggle, has seemingly been ahead of the curve lately. In the past month, he made a cameo appearance on AEW Dynamite during The Inner Circle's trip to Las Vegas, then wrestled against Ethan Page on Impact Wrestling as AJ Swoggle (a parody of AJ Styles). This all came weeks before Kenny Omega shocked everyone and arrived in Impact Wrestling as the newly crowned AEW World Champion.

On top of all of that, Postl is now apart of a new project with AdFreeShows.com — Short Stories With Swoggle. The show sees the former Cruiserweight Champion host a series of animated shorts, recapping hilarious stories that were told on the Something to Wrestle With with Bruce Prichard podcast. The first episode of the series can be found here, and Episode 2 will be available online next week.

(Photo: AdFreeShows.com)

Postl sat down with ComicBook this week to discuss the new show as well as his recent appearances.

"Me and Conrad Thompson have been friends for quite a while now. It's kind of his brainchild and essentially a Saturday morning cartoon based off pro wrestling, which is pretty awesome," he said of the animated series. "I'm essentially controlling all the stories. Essentially like the snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I'm the tie-in for all the stories.

"They're stories from the wrestling world, in general," he continued. "A lot of them are going to be based off the episodes of Something to Wrestle With with Bruce Prichard and that kind of thing. Our first one was about how the Million Dollar Man (Ted DiBiase) got to be the Million Dollar Man. It's a really cool insight into pro wrestling in a really fun way."

So how did it feel to appear on both AEW and Impact recently?

"It was kind of a funny thing. Last year I did Ring of Honor, Impact and WWE all in one year. This year, no one knows this because it never aired, but I was flown to the Performance Center to film a segment on Backlash during the Street Profit and Viking Raiders match that just never made it to air. It's just we just never got to film it because we ran out of time and the weather was not in our favor. It just started sideways raining out, so we didn't get to shoot any of that segment. I would have been the first person to, once again, do ... This year would have been AEW, WWE and Impact. Even though the WWE thing didn't happen, I was still kind of the first crossover between Impact and AEW.

How did the sketch with Chris Jericho come about?

Chris and I have been buddies for a decent amount. He literally texted me. He goes, "Hey, are you traveling?" I said, "I would love to be.' He said, "Okay." He goes, "We have this really crazy idea. I'd love you to be part of it. We're essentially doing a [The Hangover]-esque sketch." I said, "Let me guess, I'm the baby?" He goes, "You're the baby." I said, "Perfect." I said, "This couldn't be more fitting" as to anyone who knows me outside of the ring closely that I fit that part in the Hangover sketch very well.

I was flown to Las Vegas to film it. We filmed. I went to Caesar's Palace to the actual Hangover suite, which they being like all of us, me being a hangover fan, it was pretty awesome. We filmed in the suite. I was there for an hour for an eight-second thing. Then I flew home that night, so I was literally in Vegas for less than 12 hours. We filmed the whole thing, it was pretty awesome.

And then we see you as "AJ Swoggle" on Impact. How'd that happen?

This all started out last year at Starrcast when I joined onto Ron Funches' stand up show. It was pretty funny. It's something I try to dabble in more and more, stand-up here and there.... Then there was a picture of me from that on stage with my lovely locks flowing. Someone posted and said, "AJ Styles reportedly at Starcast." It just started making the rounds.

Then this was the brainchild of Scott D'Amore, where he literally saw that picture and said, "I need that." Especially the Good Brothers there now. He goes, "I need AJ Swoggle."

Yeah, I've been doing stuff with Impact. I [was] kind of introduced [during] the Tommy Dreamer and Brian Meyers feud. Then I had a singles match with Brian Meyer that I'm crazy proud of. He's my best friend in the world. Him and I, in front of no crowd, we still had a banger of a match. He made me look like a million bucks. That just proves even more how amazing of a performer Brian Myers is to make me still look good.

Then we did me as AJ against Ethan Page and it was just fun. It was just so fun. Ethan Page is a guy that I've gotten really close to in the past couple of years, great performer with a unreal future ahead of him, I have a feeling.

I have to ask, did AJ reach out after the match?

No. Karl and I were just laughing about it because it was just silly. We got to the match and then Karl goes, "Yep, AJ's going to like this one." He hasn't reached out yet. I don't know if he would, but I would hope that he would take it ... I have a feeling he would take it as a complete nod to him and nothing more than that, obviously. He is, top to bottom, the top performer in the world, bar none. He's been that for years. He's amazing. He truly is. He's my son's favorite, like I said, so my son loved it. At 10 years old, he just was dying that I got to be AJ Styles on television, so that was pretty cool.


So one question I've always wanted to ask — Do fans still come up and ask if you're really the son of Vince McMahon or Fit Finlay?

It's a real thing to some. People forget that Finley was revealed as my dad then. It just kind of goes under the radar at the end of the story. That's easily the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me in my career, is that storyline. You go back that and DX, being Crusierweight Championship, multiple WrestleManias I've been a part of. It's all stuff that, for a guy of my stature, should never have happened, just shouldn't have happened ever. Especially to a guy, a kid from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh, Wisconsin isn't a hotbed of wrestling. Me and my company, ACW Wisconsin, are trying make it again, trying to get eyes on this state as a whole, but it's never been a hotbed. For me to make it as much as I did is pretty crazy. Then that storyline is just incredible of what it did for my career.