Jon Moxley Confirms He'll Be on Next Week's Live AEW Dynamite Episode

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley appeared on AEW Dynamite this week via a video package with three important messages. The first is that AEW Dynamite will be live next week for the first time in weeks, the second is that he will be on it preparing for whoever steps up to challenge him and the third is that everybody needs to call their grandmother during the pandemic. Despite being world champion Moxley hasn't been on Dynamite since the show's taping location was moved from Jacksonville to Georgia, though he did successfully retain his title against Jake Hager in an Empty Arena No Holds Barred match.

Check out his full video promo below.

Elsewhere on next week's episode Cody Rhodes will face Joey Janela, MJF will return from his "injury" and Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega will team up to face Le Sex Gods in a Street Fight tag team match.

Moxley made quite a few headlines this week while giving interviews to promote his upcoming film, Cagefighter. At one point during an interview with PWInsider he addressed what it's like pitching ideas to AEW president Tony Khan compared to talking with Vince McMahon.


"He's business savvy, but also just an incredibly passionate wrestling fan," Moxley said. "He's so easy to get excited, if I go up like, 'Dude, I got this idea. What if we did this?' And he'd be like, 'Dude, that's awesome. What if we did this then? And then we can do that.' And he'll get all excited like a little kid. And I'll be like, 'Hold on, tone it down. Tone it down.' Which is cool. You want that.

"Whereas sometimes, I come in and talk to Vince and I'm all excited," he added. "I'm like,'"Dude, okay, here we go. We're going to do this, this, this. Then this. Then we do this on Raw. And then on pay-per-view this. What do you think?' And it's like talking to a door. Dude, hello, I'm giving you awesome. They're like, nope. We're just going to do the same old crap we always do. I'm like, whatever.