Watch: Matt Hardy Teases Another Gimmick Change for AEW

Matt Hardy might be on the verge of changing up his persona once again. In the months leading up to his WWE release, Hardy put out a series of YouTube videos where he had his "Woken" persona deleted and gave a new name to his "Broken Matt Hardy" persona, Damascus. On the same night where he unveiled Damascus, Hardy made a surprise appearance on the March 19 episode of AEW Dynamite, confirming he had joined the company. In the months since then Hardy has been jumping in and out of his various personas from over the years, including High Voltage, his classic Hardy Boyz look, Mattitude, Big Money Matt and Broken Matt.

And yet for all of his changes, Hardy hasn't been on AEW television since late June. In a new video he released this week, the multi-time tag team champion contemplated dropping all of his gimmicks and simply being Matthew Hardy.

"When I first made the decision to come to All Elite Wrestling, I was excited and I thought the sky's the limit, no doubt. What I expected, when I first debuted as 'Broken' Matt Hardy, at AEW Wrestling, is every single night, every single Wednesday at Dynamite, a sold out arena across America," Hardy saidI thought there would be a thousand people screaming at the top of their lungs, 'Delete! Delete! Delete!' But that isn't what happened. What I didn't expect is that Broken Matt would debut at the first-ever AEW empty arena event. That's where I debuted. And Broken Matt never performed in front of AEW fans."

Hardy explained not being able to perform for fans was what convinced to start switching between characters.

"So I decided to do like a highlight reel," Hardy said. "Let's do the best of Matt Hardy. Let's give you Matt Hardy's best moments. Matt Hardy's best personas. Let's wrap it all up in one and do a Matt Hardy highlight reel. Kinda the opposite of what my brother's being asked to do somewhere else."


He said he was supposed to start up a program with Sammy Guevara, but that was scrapped once Guevara got suspended for 30 days. He said that angered him, as does all of the division going on in the world right now.

"So I decided to do my part to try and heal some of this division, trying to do what I can to put it back together. Trying to be a voice of reason. I've had a lot of life experiences," he said. "So maybe now it is time for me, on AEW programming to just be real and be someone I have never been on TV or on-screen before and that's me. Maybe it's time for me to be Matthew Hardy. Maybe it's time for me to just be me."