AJ Styles Defeats Grayson Waller on WWE NXT, LA Knight Returns

Tonight's NXT main event was the anticipated matchup between WWE's AJ Styles and Grayson Waller after the latter has caused all sorts of problems for the Phenomenal One on Raw. After Carmelo Hayes gave a promo about his Unified North American Championship, Styles made his way to the ring and then so did Waller. In the beginning, they circled each other a bit before locking up. Styles shoved Waller into the corner and then when they locked up again Styles got Waller in a hold, but Waller countered with one of his own before going for a pin. Styles kicked out.

They then exchanged more holds before Waller taunted a bit, and Styles made him pay with a kick to the leg that grounded him and some elbows in the corner. Styles slammed him face-first into the turnbuckle and then kicked him behind the knee, and it was doing some damage.

Styles followed with a backbreaker that had Waller in pain, and Styles slammed his face into another turnbuckle. Then he slammed him hard to the ground and went for a knee to the face next. Waller finally bought himself some time by dodging Styles and sending him into the post, but Styles soon got control again and hit some punches before Waller hit a huge punch to the face. Styles killed his momentum again though with a dropkick that sent Waller to the outside.

Styles then went over the ropes but Waller tripped him and slammed him into the ring apron. Waller then grabbed Styles' head and brought it down over the ropes, and he then slid out of the ring and ran his forearm hard into Styles, knocking him over to the ground.

At this point Waller took control for a bit, doing more damage to Styles' back and neck. He locked in several holds to keep Styles grounded, and then Waller slammed Styles' head to the mat. Waller kept up his attack with kicks and another hold to wear down Styles' shoulder and arm, though Styles got some space with punches.

Waller knocked him down again though with a kick to the chest, but Styles hit more punches before Waller kicked him again. Styles dodged another kick and got away from Waller to hit several strikes, including a clothesline and a charge after a bounce off the ropes. He landed on Waller in the corner and then went to pin Waller but he kicked out.

Styles carried Waller over the ropes to set up a Styles Clash but Waller got away, though Styles jumped over the ropes and knocked him down to the ground. Styles rolled Waller into the ring but Waller rolled out by the ropes and then pulled Styles down over them. Waller then hit a spinning forearm and went up top and landed an elbow from the top rope but Styles kicked out.

Styles went for a German Suplex but Waller countered only to have him reverse it into a Calf Crusher. Waller crawled towards the ropes and got his hand on it to break it. Styles kicked the back of Waller's leg again while Waller reversed it into a pin attempt but Styles kicked out. Waller slammed him down again and went for another pin but Styles kicked out once more.

Waller picked up Styles and tried to do a Styles Clash, but Styles threw him over top and then hit a forearm to the jaw. Styles then jumped but Waller dodged him only to have Waller hit a huge move that left him stunned, but Styles kicked out once again of the pin attempt.

Waller put Styles up top and then climbed up with him, but Styles got away and left Waller stunned. He went for the Styles Clash but Waller dodged it only to get it returned with a Pele Kick. Styles then hit a huge slam and then a Phenomenal Forearm to get the pin and the win.

Styles said "Hey Waller, giving you that ass-kicking. You're good, but you're not Phenomenal. But your night is not over yet. I want to introduce you to one of my friends."

Then LA Knight's music hit, and he was ready to go. Knight dished out a bevy of punches and sent Waller into the chairs behind the announce table. He then followed him into the ring and then hit a clothesline and another one that sent Waller landing hard to the ground.

Styles then pulled in Knight and they celebrated up top to close out the episode.

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