Andrew Yang Claims WWE Is Forcing Talent To Sign New Contracts That Include Twitch

News started making the rounds on Thursday evening that WWE will be taking over talent's Twitch accounts very soon, confirming a story that broke weeks ago about WWE communicating to talent that third party business and social media relationships that they were involved in would need to come to an end. WWE will now possess the Twitch accounts and share in the revenue being drawn, with talent receiving a cut of that revenue that will count against their downside guarantee in their WWE contracts.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was outspoken about WWE's new policy related to talent's ability to draw income via third parties due to the fact that they are officially classified as "independent contractors" rather than employees by WWE. Yang took part in interviews with Chris Van Vliet and Wrestling Inc. to discuss his critique of the situation and promised that if former Vice President Joe Biden is elected president in November, Yang will reach out to people about getting the talent's employee classifications changed through government intervention if necessary.

Yang spoke out about the most recent news that performers will be forced to hand over revenue to WWE, as well as allow them to take advantage of their Twitch accounts.

Yang then went on to allege that he has heard from WWE talent about new contracts WWE is forcing talent to sign. Yang said:


"Hearing from talent that WWE is forcing performers to sign new contracts that include twitch. Streaming on twitch will become a work obligation and if talent doesn’t stream they will forego earnings, be suspended or face penalties. Doesn’t sound like independent contractors."

We will have more on this story as it develops.