Baron Corbin Says Wrestling Fans Are Dumb for Hating WWE But Loving Chris Jericho as AEW World Champion

Baron Corbin has never been afraid to speak his mind, especially when it riles up wrestling fans online who are critical of him and WWE. So when he saw the news that Chris Jericho had won the AEW World Championship at All Out, he didn't hold back.

"All of these smarks have hated and complained about everything we do," Corbin wrote while commenting on an Instagram post that pointed out how Jericho (48) was six years older than Brock Lesnar (42). "Now they are forced to love everything these guy do, even when it's the exact same thing. It really shows how dumb they really are."

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Jericho became the company's first world champion by defeating "Hangman" Adam Page in the show's main event. Since signing with the company at the start of the year, Jericho has won the main events of both of AEW's pay-per-views and is already booked for a six-man tag match when AEW premieres on TNT on Oct. 2. Should he retain his championship by November, he'll likely be back in the main event once again for the Full Gear pay-per-view on Nov. 9 in Baltimore.

After a brief hiatus from WWE television, Corbin recently returned as one of the 16 competitors in the returning King of the Ring tournament. He advanced to the second round by beating The Miz and will take on Cedric Alexander in the quarterfinals this week.


In a new interview with Newsweek, Corbin spoke about how he relishes in being one of the most hated heels on the roster.

"With pleasure," Corbin said when asked how he responds to being Raw's top heel. "That's where I want to be. So if you want me to carry that on my back I'm more than happy to. I pride myself in being the best or the worst, which some people might think, with how they like my attitude or whatever. That's important to me. It's important to be relied on in a sense. I want to be a guy who they can say "hey put Corbin in, we can count on him knowing he could be the guy." Last year I think I had the second most matches in WWE, this year I've got more matches in WWE. So it's important for me to be in that place."

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