Braun Strowman Makes WWE SmackDown Return and Powerbombs Otis

The WWE Universe was surprised to see the return of Braun Strowman during this week's Monday Night Raw, and afterward WWE revealed that he would be making his return to SmackDown this week as well. Tonight Strowman did just that, and it was in response to the Alpha Academy also making an appearance on the Blue Brand. Chad Gable thanked the crowd sarcastically and then started shooshing the crowd and revealed that they were here specifically to ruin Strowman's return to SmackDown. Gable said they had the match won before Strowman jumped them, and Gable said if Otis had seen Strowman coming he wouldn't have fallen.

Gable then took a shot at Seattle, saying that Seattle couldn't even hold onto their own professional basketball team. The crowd was not happy with that remark, and Gable shooshing them didn't work. Then Strowman made his big entrance and headed to the ring, but Otis was unfazed.

Strowman then went right at Otis and hit with strikes, pushing him towards the corner. Strowman grabbed Gable and knocked him down, and that gave Otis a chance to hit some punches before charging and knocking him into the corner. Otis went for it again but Strowman dodged it and attacked Gable, hitting him with a powerbomb.

Then Strowman hit Otis with a powerbomb too, which is pretty damn impressive. Strowman looks unstoppable at this point, and we'll hve to wait and see if he follows Gable and Otis back to Raw or if he ends up sticking around on SmackDown. If he does, there are some big players in the mix right now he could face, including Drew McIntyre, Karrion Kross, and of course Roman Reigns, but we'll just have to wait and see.

If he heads to Raw, there are several big names there too he could face, including Bobby Lashley, Omos, Kevin Owens, and more. He could aldo end up bouncing between shows, but odds are he will end up settling in one of them before long.

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