Is Brock Lesnar Just Using UFC as Leverage for a New WWE Contract?

While many expect Brock Lesnar to exit WWE in the coming months, you might want to pump the brakes [...]

While many expect Brock Lesnar to exit WWE in the coming months, you might want to pump the brakes on that expectation.

This isn't the first time since he returned to WWE that Lesnar looked to be on the outs with the company. In fact, Lesnar debated returning to the UFC several years ago, in 2015, and it was played up so much that his eventual decision on whether to stay with WWE or go back to MMA was broadcast on ESPN.

The situation in 2018 seems to be eerily similar. Though Lesnar did eventually return to UFC for a fight at UFC 200 a couple of years ago, staying with WWE gives the 41 year old a steady pay check without the type of punishment that comes from stepping into the octagon. That former situation back in 2015 seemed to be Lesnar using UFC as leverage to get a better deal from WWE, and many believed in hindsight he never had any intention of leaving WWE.

Dave Meltzer speculated that the present scenario could be the type of situation during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

"I have no definites about anything when it comes to Brock," Meltzer said. "At the end of the day, Brock sees himself as a guy who has these two big cash rich companies after him and he is just playing them against each other. It's hard for me to believe at 41 years old that he doesn't want to do pro wrestling. It's also what he will tell everyone is that he doesn't want to do pro wrestling. He's gonna go all the way…look he went in the cage. He did the angle with UFC and that makes Vince [McMahon] want him more. That's just natural. One of the things is Vince doesn't want to lose Brock Lesnar. That's the key to all of this."

Given Lesnar's current reign as Universal Champion dates back almost a year and a half now, McMahon obviously thinks very highly of him. It's true that the purpose of the long title run has always been for Roman Reigns to defeat him in the end, but Lesnar's aura of invincibility and McMahon's faith in him as champion is why he has been placed in this position.

Meltzer continued, "If Vince wants to keep him and show everyone that, 'Hey I outbid UFC for this guy and I screwed UFC out of this championship [match].' Don't ever think Vince isn't that guy because that's Vince. The idea that the guy went in there and did an angle on that big show and he's not gonna do it, Vince lives for that stuff."

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