Watch: Video of Buffalo Bills Fan Powerbombing Man Through Flaming Table Goes Viral for NFL Week 1

Buffalo Bills fans (also known as Bills Mafia) have made a tradition out of breaking tables via wrestling moves while tailgating in recent years. And with the 2019 NFL season in full swing on Sunday, a video of a Bills fan powerbombing another fan through a table (that as on fire) during a tailgate went viral.

Within hours the clip had nearly one million views on social media.

Previous table spots have included many, many elbow drops from the roofs of cars, chokeslams from truck beds and powerslams. The stunts always involve trying to break something, but fire is only involved some of the time.

While the clip's popularity exploded on Sunday, it appears the video is at least one year old.


The team and the Erie County Sheriffs Department attempted to crack down on the tradition last year by threatening fans with criminal charges.

The Bills won their season-opener against the New York Jets 17-16 on Sunday thanks to a 14-point fourth quarter rally.